"I am a 62 year old male and I have never previously visited any alternative health practitioner, but I am certainly glad that I have now done so. I had an ongoing skin irritation and a general overall feeling of exhaustion that traditional medicinal treatment had failed to resolve for over a year. A suggestion was made by a family member that I visit a Naturopath and Elly was recommended to me.

My initial consultation with Elly was extremely thorough covering all aspects of my current and past health and general work and life balance. Elly produced a Wellness Plan individually tailored for me with suggestions on diet and lifestyle changes, and also provided detailed information about herbal treatments and supplements that she believed would benefit my skin condition and my overall wellbeing. I followed all of Elly’s recommendations and within weeks my skin irritation was gone and my general sense of wellbeing much improved.

Elly’s communication was always thorough and prompt, appointments kept and on-time and Elly was a very pleasant person to interact with. Elly’s perceptive diagnosis of my conditions and accurate treatment was excellent. Elly has my highest regard and strong recommendation for anyone seeking the services of a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist".
Graham White, Auckland









"I am very pleased to recommend Elly. I found her to be extremely thorough. Elly put a lot of effort into working out a wellness plan outlining the vitamins and minerals I needed and what foods these are contained in and how these foods nourish and heal your body.

I especially liked getting a review after each appointment so I could go over what was discussed and refer to it at a later time.

I found Elly to be professional, easy to talk to and did not rush through my appointments. But most of all I found Elly extremely knowledgeable and felt confidence in her ability to help me. I feel if I had attended the Medical Center I would have been given a pill which I may have had to take for the rest of my life.

With Elly’s help and changing my diet I no longer have any problems.

Thank you Elly and yes I am drinking lots of water".

Sharon Sinclair, Kurow.

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