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April 30, 2017

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New Horizons

March 15, 2017

Walking is a great time to reflect on life, relationships, work, dreams and hopes for the future.


The other morning walking our dog Ote on Cape Wanbrow, a headland that sits above our town of Oamaru,  New Zealand, I was faced with the beautiful ever changing horizon of the Southern Pacific Ocean (photo above).  This magical, mysterious phenomena reminded me that every day presents a new opportunity to make change in ones life and look towards the new horizon.


Starting everyday with a positive statement to make change, no matter how big or small can be incredibly empowering, even if it doesn't happen immediately.  The mere act of consciously acknowledging the areas in your life where you can make change is a positive act. 


The key to making change is to actually convert your thoughts into action.  This takes time and commitment and can be challenging. Whatever you choose, be gentle on yourself and remember that all good things take time and it is the intention behind the action that is the important aspect to making healthy and life long change.  


Start with something small. It could be as simple as taking 15 minutes out of a busy schedule to sit quietly and enjoy a cup of herbal tea. This could become an evening ritual as it allows you time to slow down, relax and reflect. Taking time to refocus on what you wish to achieve and what changes you are wanting to make will give you clarity. For thousands of years Eastern cultures have used tea ceremonies as a means to remove oneself from the rigour and mundane of everyday life, honour the botanicals and relish the simplicity and the process. It could be your form of meditation. 


Whatever you decide to change or include in your daily life will be right for you. Be flexible and remember that our needs are changing constantly with the world around us. Don't forget to always look forward to the new horizon. 


Elly Toft

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Yoga Teacher
(B.N.H.M., M.N.Z.A.M.H.)




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