An antioxidant rich cream designed to hydrate, protect and soothe your skin.

This absolutely gorgeous cream is jammed full of antioxidant rich plant oils to protect your skin from whatever your day may throw your way whilst maximising hydration.  The luscious nature of this cream is enhanced by precious essential oils to nourish, protect and balance the skin whilst also working more subtly to enliven and lift the spirit.  Make our Luscious Moisturising Day Cream your daily “go to”.

Luscious Moisturising Day Cream 60g

  • Pomegranate seed oil - Pomegranates are one of the world’s most revered fruits, known for their powerful antioxidant properties and their proven ability to improve the function of internal smooth muscle tissue and reducing blood pressure.

    Pomegranate seed oil is one of the only plant sources of conjugated fatty acids, and has an extremely high level of punicic acid (78%). This acid has been called a "super CLA" (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA helps skin retain moisture by boosting ceramide synthesis in skin cells; this fortifies the skin barrier and helps to retain moisture in the skin.  Pomegranate seed oil assists in healing, protecting, and moisturising the skin. Its powerful antioxidant properties may assist in reducing the visible signs of ageing.

    Kiwifruit seed oil - Kiwifruit is regarded as a 'superfood' due to its high levels of antioxidants, enzymes and fibre. More recently it has been discovered the seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids. Less than 3% of the total weight of the Kiwifruit is made up of the seeds. The seeds are very small and delicate and are separated from the pulp using a special process developed here in New Zealand.  Kiwifruit Seed Oil is ideally suited for skin products as the high concentration of Alpha Linoleic Acid (Omega 3) helps to maintain moisture in the skin preventing drying and scaling.

    Rosehip oil - Rosehip oil is extremely rich in antioxidants.  It has high levels of essential fatty acids, which greatly benefit the skin through improved moisture retention, elasticity, and softness. It also contains beta-carotene, which is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy skin and assisting skin cell renewal and repair. Beta-carotene also helps to repair and protect the skin from various forms of sun damage. Rosehip is a rich source of Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C.  Vitamin A is required for healthy skin cell regeneration and Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen an integral component of skin tissue, giving it strength and flexibility.  As we age our natural production of collagen diminishes. Rosehip oil has a similar pH balance to that of the oil produced by human sebaceous glands in the skin.  It is readily absorbed assisting in improved hydration and texture and is excellent for use on minor scarring.

    Camelia seed oil - The "beauty secret" of the geishas of Japan, Camellia has been recognised for centuries in Eastern Asia for its highly regenerative and restorative effects on the skin. Camellia oil is known for its excellent moisture-retaining ability, which makes it an effective moisturising and replenishing oil. It is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, absorbs quickly and easily, and leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth and supple. Camellia also possesses antioxidant, disinfectant, and germicidal properties.  Camellia is extremely rich in mono-saturated fatty acids, containing more than 80% oleic acid. It is also rich in vitamins A, B and E, various minerals, and squalene, which is an important component of the skin's natural emollient system. Deficient levels of squalene can result in dry, sagging, and wrinkly skin.

    Essential oils: 

    Geranium - The use of Geranium oil dates back to the Romans.  It was first mentioned in text by Dioscorides in his Materia medica written between 50-70 AD.  Geranium is known for it’s cicatrisant action (cell regeneration) and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  It is known to balance the production of sebum in the skin, making it an ideal treatment for all skin types.  It has a wonderful warm uplifting aroma, powerful in it’s ability to relieve stress, nervous tension and anxiety.

    Bergamot - Bergamot has a young fresh aroma and has been historically used in both skincare and perfumery.  It is uplifting and refreshing and has antiseptic, carminative and cicatrisant (skin cell regenerative)  properties.  Bergamot oil is said to assist in relaxing and letting go. 

    Palmarosa - Palma rosa has an extensive history of use in skincare, possessing hydrating and antiseptic qualities.  It is known to balance sebum production and is reputed to stimulate cellular regeneration.  Palma rose is recommended for all skin types being particularly helpful in dry, undernourished skin.  The aroma of Palma rosa is said to encourage free flowing adaptability and give a sense of security.  It has a cooling, moistening energetic.

    Pettigrain - Pettigrain has a tonic effect on the skin.  It has traditionally been used to reduce blemishes and is said to help to reduce overactive sebaceous glands  Pettigrain is known for its antidepressant and antibacterial qualities.  It has a revitalising, balancing, restoring and clarifying energetic. On a higher level it is said to respond to the conscious, intellectual part of the mind.

    Myrrh - Myrrh is one the oldest known aromatics dating back 4000 years.  The Egyptians used it in religious ceremonies and for embalming and it was an ingredient of the famous Egyptian perfume “kyphi”.  Egyptian women used Myrrh in their facial preparations as it was reputed to reduce wrinkles and preserve a youthful appearance.  It has a slightly cooling effect which makes it perfect for hot dry environments.  It is known for its cicatrisant (skin cell regenerative), antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and vulnerary (skin healing) properties.  On a subtle level Myrrh is promotes inner stillness and peace, promoting an awareness free from restlessness.  Myrrh is said to unite the spiritual with the physical.

    Sandalwood - Sandalwood is one of the oldest known aromatic materials with a history spanning back some 4000 years. In the last 100 years it has become a well known essential oil used extensively in perfumery for its fixing qualities and its ability to synergistically blend with other oils.  Sandalwood when applied to the skin has soothing, cooling, and moisturising properties and is excellent for reducing inflammation and increasing hydration.  Sandalwood oil is considered the oil of choice for the meditative process, encouraging quietening of the mind and connection to the chakras.

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