Meet Founder Elly Toft, Naturopath and Medical
Herbalist. Elly has been interested in natural health
all her adult life with a passion for growing and using herbs and essential oils to enhance health and vitality. 

In 2015 Elly graduated from Wellpark College of
Natural Therapies in Auckland with a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine.  Elly achieved Academic Excellence in Naturopathy, the David
Duggan Award for Overall Scholarly Excellence, and
the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists
runner-up Herbal Graduate of the year.

Elly has perfected her range of natural
skincare and apothecary products so that
she can share her passion with others. 

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The Oamaru Apothecary is located in a historic building lovingly restored by Elly Toft, Richard Scott and Architect, Sarah Scott, at 4 Tees Street, Oamaru. You can visit the Oamaru Apothecary and shop the range of products in store. A visit to the store is a special experience as you will see the history, architecture, care and attention to detail developed by Elly and Richard. These principles flow through to our products.

When you visit our shop you will meet a member of our family and receive personalised advice on skincare and apothecary products.

We take inspiration from our North Otago natural landscape. This beautiful photograph of Beach Road, Kakanui was taken by Richard Scott in 2007. Our magnificent coastline is a strong source of inspiration for the Oamaru Apothecary. Sadly, Beach Road has been subject to coastal erosion and this particular piece of the coast no longer exists.

At Oamaru Apothecary we remain passionate about reducing our environmental footprint and preserving our precious environment for future generations.