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Welcome to life long health

Our clinic is here to facilitate your journey towards improved health and vitality.  We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal.  Working closely with a qualified practitioner you will be inspired, guided and supported along your journey towards a healthier you.

Clinic founder Elly Toft is a NaturopathMedical Herbalist, and Yoga teacher, who is passionate about working with clients to offer natural and safe treatments based on traditional knowledge and evidence based medicine. These treatments may include nutritional counselling, nutritional supplements, mind/body medicine, Yoga therapy, Herbal Medicine, and lifestyle counselling.

An initial Naturopathic consultation is one and a half hours long, including a full assessment and discussion of your current and historic health status, along with a physical examination. 

A personalised treatment plan is then developed which may include nutritional counseling, nutritional supplementation, Western medical herbs, mind/body medicine, Yoga therapy, and lifestyle counselling.

Consultations are client focused; we want to hear your story.  We are here to guide and support you, facilitating your journey to  greater health and wellbeing.

We work alongside conventional medical practitioners and can offer treatment plans to accompany any existing plan/medications you may be on.


The clinic provides a safe and confidential environment for you to share and explore your health journey with the confidence of knowing you will receive the best possible level of care.


Consultation Fees

Initial consultation 1.5 hours:              $150.00

Researching your health issues and treatment options - covered in the initial consult charge.

Follow-up appointments 45 mins:       $75.00

Three month wellness plan:                   $450.00

(Value $525.00)

This includes the initial consultation plus 5 x Follow-up appointments.

The extended plans offer ongoing support along your health journey.

Through clinical measures, together we can plot your progress adapting your plan as required, making it easier for you to achieve your ultimate health goals. 

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